MAP Growth: First Quarter News

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

2020 MAP Growth Remote Testing Available for Schools

Do you know that NWEA has tested over 400,000 students remotely? If you were worried about how you would be able to test students choosing a virtual option, do not worry because NWEA has got it all figured out! Using a new online hub dedicated to remote testing, find all the how-to videos, proctor guides, and resources you need for a smooth remote testing experience for your students. In addition, NWEA has lifted the requirement for students to test using a secure testing browser in order to support remote testing. To learn more about remote testing CLICK HERE.

Virtual Test Prep Rally

Are you in need of a way to get your students excited and ready for the MAP Growth Fall Assessment? Consider hosting a school wide virtual pep rally! You can dress up as special characters, remix popular songs, have special performances, games and giveaways. Do not let alternative learning models hinder your school spirit and fun!

Student Engagement is a Must for Testing Accuracy

Do you have a hard time keeping your students engaged during testing? NWEA has the resources for you! Student engagement on the MAP Growth assessment can be measured with a tool designed to reduce rapid guessing. Help your students stay engaged by using these resources to better understand your role in keeping students engage during testing. Check out the resources HERE.

Get Ready for MAP 2020

Want tips to get started with MAP Growth for the new school year? Our Student Learning and Partner Success team has created and recorded a webinar with you in mind. As you prepare to welcome back your school community, we want to provide you with some resources and tools for a seamless MAP implementation for the upcoming school year. ​

Click here to access the webinar “Getting Ready for Your New MAP School Year”.

Click here to fill out the survey after you watched the webinar.

Is your enrollment low because you don’t have a virtual option for students? Florida Virtual School is now an option!

Step Up for Students has partnered with Florida Virtual School (FLVS) to bring your students access to their extensive course list.

Your school can purchase access to the FLVS system, pre-loaded with FLVS courses, for your teachers to teach online to your students.

    • Cost: $192.95 per student for access to as many courses as your school is able to teach.
    • This cost is for 12 month access, so teachers could continue to offer online instruction to those students even into next summer.
    • There is a 25 student minimum per school.
    • Courses available start at the kindergarten level and go through high school.

Your school will also be able to use or create Non FLVS Courses in the system. A “Non FLVS Course” is any course not provided to customer by FLVS through its FLVS hosted license catalog and does not contain any FLVS course content.

    • Enrollments for use in Non FLVS courses may be purchased at $15 per enrollment.

In addition to access to courses, coursework, and teacher’s guides, FLVS will also offer training for teachers on how to use the system. Principals can choose one of the options below.

    • $195 per teacher enrollment fee for access to a self-paced course for teachers
    • $250 per hour fee for a webinar teacher training, up to 25 participants

Because you are purchasing access and your teachers will be teaching these online courses, there will be no restrictions to the number of courses that FES/FTC students can take.

Interested in learning more? Join FLVS for an information webinar via Zoom on Wednesday, August 26th at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Click here to join the Zoom meeting. Passcode is 742224.

Deadline to commit to FLVS is Friday, September 4th.

MAP Growth News for April

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Special Announcement Regarding Virtual Testing from NWEA

Please take a moment to read this important announcement from NWEA regarding virtual testing during nationwide school closure.  CLICK HERE

16 Free Digital Resources for Reading, Math, and MAP Growth to Use at Home

Are you wondering about your next step for planning instruction during this remote-learning period? NWEA is here to help! NWEA has compiled a list of free resources to help you support your students and families during this time. CLICK HERE to check them out.

Five Myths of Personalized Learning

Does your head spin when you hear the words personalized learning? Well, we have just the right article for you! Personalized learning is a term that is growing popular in schools, but what does it truly mean? What are some of the common misconceptions that have been associated with it? Learn more here.

Khan Academy for MAP Users

Want to help your students maintain their growth during this distant learning period? Khan Academy for Mappers is a great way to support your students by providing personalized math instruction at all levels. Learn how to use your MAP Growth Mathematics RIT scores from the student profile data to align with Khan Academy resources, to assist students with mastering content. Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. The focus of this session is getting started with using Khan Academy basics, specifically, how to create an account as an educator, how to create accounts for your students, how to assign practice opportunities, and how to use student data to differentiate instruction. Once you register, you will receive the link to the webinar a few days before with further information on how to join. Register here: April 23 @ 3:30 PM EST

Where can I find devices for my students?
  • Click here to join the Step Up for Students HP® Private Store. Fill out the registration information to gain access to exclusive offers on HP® Computers, Printers, Accessories and Original Ink & Toner. Sale pricing going on now!
    • Enjoy free standard shipping site-wide and a 30-day hassle free return or exchange policy.
    • For large order requests or unique inquiries please contact to be connected with a dedicated Account Manager.
  • Microsoft®- Email to inquire about devices & pricing options from Microsoft as well as free licenses for Office 365 Education that include Microsoft Teams!

MAP Growth News for February

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Let’s Talk About Growth!

Talking about Growth with Students:
Setting Growth Goals:
  • Examine this helpful infographic from NWEA to assist you in setting goals for students at different instructional levels.
  • Involve your whole class with goal setting in a positive way. The photo to the right is a simple, motivating, and manageable classroom data wall and goal tracker! Find this and more inspiring ideas from fellow teachers on NWEA’s Instagram and Facebook.
Empower Students to Lead the Growth Conversation:

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MAP Growth News for December

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Winter Test Window

Reminder: The winter testing window for schools in the NWEA/SUFS MAP Growth Partnership is

December 2, 2019 -January 24, 2020

*Remember to schedule your winter testing session within this window!

MAP Growth Admin Webinar

Our MAP Growth Administrator webinars are still happening, with 2 more sessions left. Don’t miss out as we analyze school-wide student achievement data using MAP Growth and explore MAP Growth tips and school-wide reports to use in staff discussions. Remember, for schools new to the partnership in 2019-2020 this is a mandatory webinar.

Tip: How to Reuse Saved Test Sessions

Struggling to set up sessions for the winter test? Check out this tip from NWEA on how to reuse saved test sessions.

MAP Growth Student Practice Tests

Did your students use the practice tests before their fall test? Don’t miss an opportunity for them to practice before the winter test!

Check out the student resources available here: Resources include videos explaining the MAP Growth tests, an option to explore tools used in the test, and easy access to the practice tests including practice username and password.

Upcoming Webinars that support MAP Growth
MAP Growth: Looking at Growth 

Have you registered for your third MAP Reports training session? Even if you are not in your first year of using MAP, this course is a great refresher on using the Growth Quadrant report. Click the link here to register today: Register Now.



*Do you have rostering or technology questions for the winter session? Remember to call NWEA tech support at 877-467-3287 with questions! To view all previous MAP Growth Assessment postings, click here.

MAP Growth News for November

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

What are My Students Ready to Learn?

Are you wondering about your next step for planning instruction? For the Teachers is here to help with Curriculum Ladders for Lesson Planning! You can quickly find the topic you are planning to teach, print the PDF of that topic and write in your students’ names next to their Instructional/Goal Area RIT ranges (from the Class Report or Class Breakdown by Goal Report) to create differentiated groups based on what they are ready to learn. These ladders are available in Reading, Math, and Language. Check them out HERE!

Why Should I Send My Teachers to the SUFS/NWEA MAP Growth Professional Learning Sessions?
  • Your attendance allows us to provide required NWEA MAP Growth professional learning to your staff at no additional cost to you.
  • Your attendance as a leader allows you to move your school culture forward when everyone trains together.
  • You signed the SUFS/NWEA Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to send “all teachers and administrators” to all professional learning sessions.
MAP Growth Administrator Webinar

The Impact of MAP on our School Community is a one-hour, interactive webinar for school administrators and other MAP Growth school leaders only. Your teachers do NOT need to attend this one. Administrators will be able to share ideas and network with others across the state as you begin to analyze schoolwide student achievement data using MAP Growth, as well as explore MAP Growth tips and schoolwide reports to use in staff discussions. You have six options: You can click the link below to register for the one that works with your schedule. Once you register, you will receive the link to the webinar with further information on how to join.

Course-Specific Math Norms

Did you know that NWEA has course-specific norms for the Geometry and Algebra 1 & 2 tests?  You can access these norms to see percentile and growth projections for your secondary students taking these tests. These norms aren’t yet integrated into the MAP Growth reports, so to get the clearest picture of how your students compare to other students taking the Course-Specific Math tests, check them out HERE!

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MAP Growth News for October

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Check out these helpful resources from NWEA to help you determine the most appropriate test type for your students. Don’t forget that students can take as much time as they need on a MAP Growth assessment. You can always suspend their test and have them complete it later, and in fact, we recommend suspending testing after 45 minutes to prevent fatigue. NWEA recommends that suspended tests be completed within 14 days of the start date.

Tips for Proctors
  1. Wondering how to get a student back into a test session if they get kicked out of a test? See Student cannot find name when joining a test session. If a student is appearing as Confirmed but cannot start the test, see Confirmed student cannot start test.
  2. Need to add a student to an open or a saved test session? See How to add a student to an existing testing session. Did you delete a test session accidentally? See What happens if I delete a test session? Can it be recovered?
  3. You can always access the Proctor Quick Start  guide for an overview.
A New Way to Share MAP Growth Data with Families

Have you seen the new Family Report? The Family Report helps families understand where their child may need extra help and how well they are doing in a subject compared to similar students nationwide. For more help sharing assessment data with families, take a look at the family guide to MAP Growth. There is also a sample family report translated into Spanish for those who want to share an example of a report with Spanish speakers. The actual report for each student is not yet able to be translated into Spanish.


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MAP Growth News for September

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Student Engagement Matters!

Student engagement is an important factor in students’ overall performance during testing. Test engagement gives teachers an accurate picture of students’ abilities and performance. NWEA believes that with the right tools, proctors will be able to gauge students’ engagement to create a more productive testing environment. Get to know the Slow Down Sloth and how he helps students reengage with the MAP Growth test HERE.

3 Questions to Ask Students before Fall Testing

Right now, over 10 million students are beginning their MAP Growth Fall assessment. Asking the right questions and having discussions with students beforehand can have a great impact on their overall performance. Check out the 3 things you need to ask your students before you begin administrating the Fall assessment HERE.

MAP Growth Using Fall Data to Guide Instruction

New MAP Growth schools: Have you registered for your first MAP Growth Reports training? September and October begin our first session of the required MAP Growth training for the 2019-2020 school year. In these sessions, teachers and administrators will gain an understanding of MAP terminology and learn how to access and interpret different MAP reports, in addition to sharing that data with stakeholders. Click the link below to register today: Register Now.

Rock the MAP Growth Test Prep Rally

Thinking of a way to get your students excited and ready for the MAP Growth Fall Assessment? Try hosting a school-wide pep rally! You can dress up as special characters, remix popular songs, have special performances, or even giveaways. Testing doesn’t have to be a drab event if you build excitement around it. Click these links for more pep rally ideas:  Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3.


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MAP Growth News for August

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Welcome Back Teachers: MAP Growth Teacher Toolkit

Looking for resources to start the year fresh, extend your learning, and add to your toolkit? NWEA has a community just for you! Click here to check out all the incredible, popular teacher resources!

Getting Parents Hooked on MAP Growth!

Thinking of new ways to orient your parents to MAP Growth? Look no further… NWEA has done an awesome job in creating an editable letter to prepare parents for MAP Growth testing. Parent letters are also available in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Russian and more! Click here to explore NWEA’s parent resources!

Student Engagement Test Preparation

Student engagement during testing is very crucial in order to determine student growth and achievement.

Click here to read more about the updates to Student Engagement!

Why bother with Assessments?

Schools use assessments to measure teaching and learning. Assessments when done without a purpose can feel like another mundane task. Check out this article from Edutopia to learn why assessments are vital to students’ growth and achievement.

MAP Sample Test Question Guide by RIT

Wondering what the MAP Growth questions look like in each RIT range? NWEA has just published a new RIT Reference Chart, to show you what the questions look like for each subject and goal area tested. Click here to check out the new RIT Reference Charts!

MAP Growth News for May

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Communicating with Students Before Testing

We often put emphasis on talking to students about their results after testing but not enough on communicating with students before testing. “Making sure students are on the same page before an assessment can make for a much less stressful, more productive testing session.” Check out this amazing blog which lists some talking points to consider before testing: CLICK HERE

Teaching Students to Read their MAP Results

Do your students get nervous about getting their assessment results? You are not alone. Sharing students’ results with them is an essential part of goal-setting. By helping students “read” their MAP assessment results, we can reduce test-taking anxiety and motivate students to take ownership over their own data and learning paths. Read more about this: CLICK HERE

Where in the world can MAP Growth take you?

MAP Growth is a great tool to help educators track college and career readiness starting in 3rd grade. Helping students understand that MAP Growth is a road map for future goals and more than just an assessment is a viable way to boost student motivation and enthusiasm. NWEA has created a PDF poster for students to show how they can use their MAP Growth RIT score to explore available resources and to further their academic goals.

Get the poster: CLICK HERE

MAP Testing Fairy

Having a hard time motivating your students and getting them excited about your upcoming MAP testing? Read here about a fourth-grade teacher’s unique approach to getting students excited about growth testing: CLICK HERE

MAP Teacher of the Year: NWEA Celebrates Teachers

How do you or your colleagues get your students excited about academic growth? Answering this question could make you a winner of $250!!! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, NWEA is accepting teacher nominations until April 30th. The three winning teachers will receive $250 each and have their submitted entries featured in the NWEA community blog. To tell NWEA about your efforts, or to nominate a colleague, send an email to Read more about the contest: CLICK HERE

MAP Growth: Looking Back and Looking Ahead 

Have you registered for your fourth MAP Reports training session? This session will focus on reflecting on the first year of using MAP, preparing for the Spring assessment, and exploring additional resources to support learning and differentiate instruction based on MAP report data. This session will also help you plan for Year Two of using the MAP Growth assessment. Click the link below to register today.

Register Now

MAP Growth News for April

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Tackling the Question of Growth for High- Achievers

There is a typical assumption that little to no growth can be made for students performing above the 80th percentile. We often hear questions like “How does the MAP Growth assessment show growth for students already at 99 percent?” Read this article to learn 6 things to consider when preparing to have a high-achieving student growth conversation: CLICK HERE

MAP Growth RIT to Lexile

The Lexile Framework® for Reading can be used to match readers with text based on a student’s reading ability. After completing the MAP Growth assessment, teachers can find out students’ reading Lexile level. These results are displayed on several reports like Class and the Student Profile Report. Having this information helps teachers to plan and prepare materials to support learning.  Click here to learn how a student’s MAP Growth reading score correlates to a student’s Lexile range: CLICK HERE

How MAP Growth Exceeds Expectation for Early Learners

MAP Growth delivers three unique assessments that focus on the learning needs and requirements of young students: growth, screening, and skills checklists. Teachers can measure student achievement using the growth assessment, assess placement using the screeners, and check for skill mastery using the skills checklist.  Click here to read the article:

MAP Growth: Looking Back and Looking Ahead 

Have you registered for your fourth MAP Reports training session? This session will focus on reflecting on the first year of using MAP, preparing for the Spring assessment, and exploring additional resources to support learning and differentiate instruction based on MAP report data. This session will also help you plan for Year Two of using the MAP Growth assessment. Click the link below to register today.

Register Now

Report Spotlight: Student Goal Setting Worksheet

The Student Goal Setting Worksheet shows a student’s test history and growth projections in their tested subject areas for a specific period of time. This allows you to discuss the student’s goals and celebrate achievements.

TIP OF THE MONTH: In the fall, start a conversation with the student using the Overall RIT and Projected RIT and determine where the student stands in regard to their goal areas. You could focus on a goal area in the student’s action plan, particularly if you plan to emphasize instruction in that goal area. Check out the Report: Click Here!

Positive Test Prep Activity for Parents

A week or two before testing, ask parents to send a school note, encouraging their child for the Spring MAP Growth assessment.  Provide parents and or family members with the materials to write their letters. Send home fancy paper, envelopes, and make some suggestions of things to say. Give the parents the option to text or record their message, create posters, email their messages or mail in their letters to allow flexibility and creativity. When the student goes to start their test, give them their message to read or view before they begin. To see a sample click here:

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