MAP Growth News for November

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

What are My Students Ready to Learn?

Are you wondering about your next step for planning instruction? For the Teachers is here to help with Curriculum Ladders for Lesson Planning! You can quickly find the topic you are planning to teach, print the PDF of that topic and write in your students’ names next to their Instructional/Goal Area RIT ranges (from the Class Report or Class Breakdown by Goal Report) to create differentiated groups based on what they are ready to learn. These ladders are available in Reading, Math, and Language. Check them out HERE!

Why Should I Send My Teachers to the SUFS/NWEA MAP Growth Professional Learning Sessions?
  • Your attendance allows us to provide required NWEA MAP Growth professional learning to your staff at no additional cost to you.
  • Your attendance as a leader allows you to move your school culture forward when everyone trains together.
  • You signed the SUFS/NWEA Partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to send “all teachers and administrators” to all professional learning sessions.
MAP Growth Administrator Webinar

The Impact of MAP on our School Community is a one-hour, interactive webinar for school administrators and other MAP Growth school leaders only. Your teachers do NOT need to attend this one. Administrators will be able to share ideas and network with others across the state as you begin to analyze schoolwide student achievement data using MAP Growth, as well as explore MAP Growth tips and schoolwide reports to use in staff discussions. You have six options: You can click the link below to register for the one that works with your schedule. Once you register, you will receive the link to the webinar with further information on how to join.

Course-Specific Math Norms

Did you know that NWEA has course-specific norms for the Geometry and Algebra 1 & 2 tests?  You can access these norms to see percentile and growth projections for your secondary students taking these tests. These norms aren’t yet integrated into the MAP Growth reports, so to get the clearest picture of how your students compare to other students taking the Course-Specific Math tests, check them out HERE!

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