MAP Growth News for April

Tackling the Question of Growth for High- Achievers

There is a typical assumption that little to no growth can be made for students performing above the 80th percentile. We often hear questions like “How does the MAP Growth assessment show growth for students already at 99 percent?” Read this article to learn 6 things to consider when preparing to have a high-achieving student growth conversation: CLICK HERE

MAP Growth RIT to Lexile

The Lexile Framework® for Reading can be used to match readers with text based on a student’s reading ability. After completing the MAP Growth assessment, teachers can find out students’ reading Lexile level. These results are displayed on several reports like Class and the Student Profile Report. Having this information helps teachers to plan and prepare materials to support learning.  Click here to learn how a student’s MAP Growth reading score correlates to a student’s Lexile range: CLICK HERE

How MAP Growth Exceeds Expectation for Early Learners

MAP Growth delivers three unique assessments that focus on the learning needs and requirements of young students: growth, screening, and skills checklists. Teachers can measure student achievement using the growth assessment, assess placement using the screeners, and check for skill mastery using the skills checklist.  Click here to read the article:

MAP Growth: Looking Back and Looking Ahead 

Have you registered for your fourth MAP Reports training session? This session will focus on reflecting on the first year of using MAP, preparing for the Spring assessment, and exploring additional resources to support learning and differentiate instruction based on MAP report data. This session will also help you plan for Year Two of using the MAP Growth assessment. Click the link below to register today.

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Report Spotlight: Student Goal Setting Worksheet

The Student Goal Setting Worksheet shows a student’s test history and growth projections in their tested subject areas for a specific period of time. This allows you to discuss the student’s goals and celebrate achievements.

TIP OF THE MONTH: In the fall, start a conversation with the student using the Overall RIT and Projected RIT and determine where the student stands in regard to their goal areas. You could focus on a goal area in the student’s action plan, particularly if you plan to emphasize instruction in that goal area. Check out the Report: Click Here!

Positive Test Prep Activity for Parents

A week or two before testing, ask parents to send a school note, encouraging their child for the Spring MAP Growth assessment.  Provide parents and or family members with the materials to write their letters. Send home fancy paper, envelopes, and make some suggestions of things to say. Give the parents the option to text or record their message, create posters, email their messages or mail in their letters to allow flexibility and creativity. When the student goes to start their test, give them their message to read or view before they begin. To see a sample click here:

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