MAP Growth News for May

Communicating with Students Before Testing

We often put emphasis on talking to students about their results after testing but not enough on communicating with students before testing. “Making sure students are on the same page before an assessment can make for a much less stressful, more productive testing session.” Check out this amazing blog which lists some talking points to consider before testing: CLICK HERE

Teaching Students to Read their MAP Results

Do your students get nervous about getting their assessment results? You are not alone. Sharing students’ results with them is an essential part of goal-setting. By helping students “read” their MAP assessment results, we can reduce test-taking anxiety and motivate students to take ownership over their own data and learning paths. Read more about this: CLICK HERE

Where in the world can MAP Growth take you?

MAP Growth is a great tool to help educators track college and career readiness starting in 3rd grade. Helping students understand that MAP Growth is a road map for future goals and more than just an assessment is a viable way to boost student motivation and enthusiasm. NWEA has created a PDF poster for students to show how they can use their MAP Growth RIT score to explore available resources and to further their academic goals.

Get the poster: CLICK HERE

MAP Testing Fairy

Having a hard time motivating your students and getting them excited about your upcoming MAP testing? Read here about a fourth-grade teacher’s unique approach to getting students excited about growth testing: CLICK HERE

MAP Teacher of the Year: NWEA Celebrates Teachers

How do you or your colleagues get your students excited about academic growth? Answering this question could make you a winner of $250!!! In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, NWEA is accepting teacher nominations until April 30th. The three winning teachers will receive $250 each and have their submitted entries featured in the NWEA community blog. To tell NWEA about your efforts, or to nominate a colleague, send an email to Read more about the contest: CLICK HERE

MAP Growth: Looking Back and Looking Ahead 

Have you registered for your fourth MAP Reports training session? This session will focus on reflecting on the first year of using MAP, preparing for the Spring assessment, and exploring additional resources to support learning and differentiate instruction based on MAP report data. This session will also help you plan for Year Two of using the MAP Growth assessment. Click the link below to register today.

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