MAP Growth News for October

Check out these helpful resources from NWEA to help you determine the most appropriate test type for your students. Don’t forget that students can take as much time as they need on a MAP Growth assessment. You can always suspend their test and have them complete it later, and in fact, we recommend suspending testing after 45 minutes to prevent fatigue. NWEA recommends that suspended tests be completed within 14 days of the start date.

Tips for Proctors
  1. Wondering how to get a student back into a test session if they get kicked out of a test? See Student cannot find name when joining a test session. If a student is appearing as Confirmed but cannot start the test, see Confirmed student cannot start test.
  2. Need to add a student to an open or a saved test session? See How to add a student to an existing testing session. Did you delete a test session accidentally? See What happens if I delete a test session? Can it be recovered?
  3. You can always access the Proctor Quick Start  guide for an overview.
A New Way to Share MAP Growth Data with Families

Have you seen the new Family Report? The Family Report helps families understand where their child may need extra help and how well they are doing in a subject compared to similar students nationwide. For more help sharing assessment data with families, take a look at the family guide to MAP Growth. There is also a sample family report translated into Spanish for those who want to share an example of a report with Spanish speakers. The actual report for each student is not yet able to be translated into Spanish.


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