MAP Growth News for September

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Student Engagement Matters!

Student engagement is an important factor in students’ overall performance during testing. Test engagement gives teachers an accurate picture of students’ abilities and performance. NWEA believes that with the right tools, proctors will be able to gauge students’ engagement to create a more productive testing environment. Get to know the Slow Down Sloth and how he helps students reengage with the MAP Growth test HERE.

3 Questions to Ask Students before Fall Testing

Right now, over 10 million students are beginning their MAP Growth Fall assessment. Asking the right questions and having discussions with students beforehand can have a great impact on their overall performance. Check out the 3 things you need to ask your students before you begin administrating the Fall assessment HERE.

MAP Growth Using Fall Data to Guide Instruction

New MAP Growth schools: Have you registered for your first MAP Growth Reports training? September and October begin our first session of the required MAP Growth training for the 2019-2020 school year. In these sessions, teachers and administrators will gain an understanding of MAP terminology and learn how to access and interpret different MAP reports, in addition to sharing that data with stakeholders. Click the link below to register today: Register Now.

Rock the MAP Growth Test Prep Rally

Thinking of a way to get your students excited and ready for the MAP Growth Fall Assessment? Try hosting a school-wide pep rally! You can dress up as special characters, remix popular songs, have special performances, or even giveaways. Testing doesn’t have to be a drab event if you build excitement around it. Click these links for more pep rally ideas:  Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3.


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