MAP Growth: First Quarter News

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

2020 MAP Growth Remote Testing Available for Schools

Do you know that NWEA has tested over 400,000 students remotely? If you were worried about how you would be able to test students choosing a virtual option, do not worry because NWEA has got it all figured out! Using a new online hub dedicated to remote testing, find all the how-to videos, proctor guides, and resources you need for a smooth remote testing experience for your students. In addition, NWEA has lifted the requirement for students to test using a secure testing browser in order to support remote testing. To learn more about remote testing CLICK HERE.

Virtual Test Prep Rally

Are you in need of a way to get your students excited and ready for the MAP Growth Fall Assessment? Consider hosting a school wide virtual pep rally! You can dress up as special characters, remix popular songs, have special performances, games and giveaways. Do not let alternative learning models hinder your school spirit and fun!

Student Engagement is a Must for Testing Accuracy

Do you have a hard time keeping your students engaged during testing? NWEA has the resources for you! Student engagement on the MAP Growth assessment can be measured with a tool designed to reduce rapid guessing. Help your students stay engaged by using these resources to better understand your role in keeping students engage during testing. Check out the resources HERE.

Get Ready for MAP 2020

Want tips to get started with MAP Growth for the new school year? Our Student Learning and Partner Success team has created and recorded a webinar with you in mind. As you prepare to welcome back your school community, we want to provide you with some resources and tools for a seamless MAP implementation for the upcoming school year. ​

Click here to access the webinar “Getting Ready for Your New MAP School Year”.

Click here to fill out the survey after you watched the webinar.

Is your enrollment low because you don’t have a virtual option for students? Florida Virtual School is now an option!

Step Up for Students has partnered with Florida Virtual School (FLVS) to bring your students access to their extensive course list.

Your school can purchase access to the FLVS system, pre-loaded with FLVS courses, for your teachers to teach online to your students.

    • Cost: $192.95 per student for access to as many courses as your school is able to teach.
    • This cost is for 12 month access, so teachers could continue to offer online instruction to those students even into next summer.
    • There is a 25 student minimum per school.
    • Courses available start at the kindergarten level and go through high school.

Your school will also be able to use or create Non FLVS Courses in the system. A “Non FLVS Course” is any course not provided to customer by FLVS through its FLVS hosted license catalog and does not contain any FLVS course content.

    • Enrollments for use in Non FLVS courses may be purchased at $15 per enrollment.

In addition to access to courses, coursework, and teacher’s guides, FLVS will also offer training for teachers on how to use the system. Principals can choose one of the options below.

    • $195 per teacher enrollment fee for access to a self-paced course for teachers
    • $250 per hour fee for a webinar teacher training, up to 25 participants

Because you are purchasing access and your teachers will be teaching these online courses, there will be no restrictions to the number of courses that FES/FTC students can take.

Interested in learning more? Join FLVS for an information webinar via Zoom on Wednesday, August 26th at 10:00 a.m. ET.

Click here to join the Zoom meeting. Passcode is 742224.

Deadline to commit to FLVS is Friday, September 4th.