MAP Growth News for August

Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

Welcome Back Teachers: MAP Growth Teacher Toolkit

Looking for resources to start the year fresh, extend your learning, and add to your toolkit? NWEA has a community just for you! Click here to check out all the incredible, popular teacher resources!

Getting Parents Hooked on MAP Growth!

Thinking of new ways to orient your parents to MAP Growth? Look no further… NWEA has done an awesome job in creating an editable letter to prepare parents for MAP Growth testing. Parent letters are also available in Spanish, Haitian Creole, Russian and more! Click here to explore NWEA’s parent resources!

Student Engagement Test Preparation

Student engagement during testing is very crucial in order to determine student growth and achievement.

Click here to read more about the updates to Student Engagement!

Why bother with Assessments?

Schools use assessments to measure teaching and learning. Assessments when done without a purpose can feel like another mundane task. Check out this article from Edutopia to learn why assessments are vital to students’ growth and achievement.

MAP Sample Test Question Guide by RIT

Wondering what the MAP Growth questions look like in each RIT range? NWEA has just published a new RIT Reference Chart, to show you what the questions look like for each subject and goal area tested. Click here to check out the new RIT Reference Charts!