What No One Told You About Classroom Management: How to Avoid the Classroom Behavior Blues

Step Up For Students Professional Learning

This year, the Office of Student Learning is offering a professional learning series centered around effective classroom instruction. One of the most important components of effective instruction is the classroom environment & culture. Come learn how to alleviate your classroom behavior woes by rethinking classroom management! Explore strategies to create and sustain a positive classroom environment and culture of learning. Check out the full course description below.

Rethinking Classroom Management: Creating and Sustaining a Classroom Culture of Learning

This course focuses on strategies teachers can use to build a positive classroom culture instead of managing students with negative reinforcements or token economies. The goal of this training will be to help participants:

  • Emphasize culture over management.
  • Maintain firm boundaries with dignity and respect for all.
  • Establish clear procedures and rules with student input.
  • Prioritize building relationships.

If you are interested in this training please contact your regional coordinator to discuss available sessions in your area, or to schedule a session at your school. Click here to find your regional coordinator’s contact information!

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