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Step Up For Students MAP Growth Assessment

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What to Do AFTER Winter Testing? 5 Tips for Teachers

After completing the MAP Winter test and reviewing the data, teachers can often feel anxious about what to do next. Should I update my data walls? Should I schedule data chats? Should I start right away with preparing for the Spring assessment? Here are 5 practical tips that can guide you on your next course of action: CLICK HERE

Microsoft Laptops for Private School

Microsoft and NFS have introduced hardware and software policies to address the specific needs of K-12 Private and Non-Public schools. Volume pricing for NFS laptops and Microsoft Office Academic Products now start at 5 or more units for all K-12 educational settings.

Smaller private and non-traditional schools and programs (this includes after school programs, day care and community centers) will receive the same benefits as large public-school districts such as bulk pricing on computers, Microsoft products at wholesale prices, using a PO to order and access to the NFS free 4-year warranty with on-campus remote servicing.

The NFS Board has authorized a Private / Non-Public-school initiative within the “School Sales Program” for outreach and operations to serve schools of all sizes.  
For details please visit:

School Spotlight: Nativity Catholic School Celebrates Growth

This month’s spotlight is on Nativity Catholic School in Tampa. Nativity Catholic hosted a Winter Growth Celebration to recognize students’ performance on their Winter assessment. “The focus of the celebration was on growth of students at all levels and we celebrated everything from 1 point of growth all the way to 40+ points of growth on a single assessment.” Check out their story here: CLICK HERE

MAP Growth: RIT to Concepts

You can now match RIT to concepts. NWEA has designed word lists to help you teach concepts that students are ready to learn. These words and concepts directly correspond with learning statements in the MAP Reports. The RIT to concept list now includes MAP Growth K-2 and MAP Growth Science. CLICK HERE

MAP Growth: Looking Back and Looking Ahead   

Have you registered for your fourth MAP Reports training session? In this session, you will reflect on your experiences using MAP Growth this year, prepare for the Spring assessment, and explore additional resources to support learning and to differentiate instruction based on MAP report data. This session will also help you plan how to use MAP Growth even more effectively next year. Register Now

Report Spotlight: Student Progress Report

The Student Progress Report shows a student’s overall progress from all past terms to the selected term so you can communicate about the student’s term-to-term growth. Check out the Report: CLICK HERE

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