TLE Tip of the Month: December 2019


          Throughout the year, students will be withdrawn from schools for various reasons.  Students on the FTC (Florida Tax Credit) Scholarship are automatically deactivated in the TLE when they are withdrawn from the school and coded as a withdrawn student in the scholarship system.  Although students are withdrawn, records and data are requested from the new school or from the parent. 

Follow these instructions to access students not listed/active on the student list under the STUDENT TAB in the TLE:

  1. Go to ‘Students’ Tab’.
  2. Go to the ‘Student Search Filters’ field and enter the desired student’s last name, then click ‘Inactive’ in the empty field next to the Search Tab, and then click Search.
  3. The desired inactive student will appear on a list.
  4. The inactive student’s data can be accessed by clicking the desired document, such as report card. Then follow directions on how to generate and print the desired document.


Please call TLE Implementation Specialist if you still need assistance with this process: 727-300-0359.