TLE February Tip of the Month- Deleting Classes

Deleting Classes in the TLE

For many reasons throughout the year, administrators and teachers need to delete classes.  Classes can be easily deleted if they do not have grades associated with the class.  If there are grades in the grade book, then an additional task needs to be completed before you can delete the class.
Listed below are instructions for both scenarios.
If there are NO grades in the grade book, administrators can follow these instructions to delete classes:
  1. Go to ‘Classes’ tab and select the desired teacher account. If you are a teacher, your account name we appear automatically.

  1. Once the teacher’s class list appears, select view/edit next to the class you wish to transfer or assign to new teacher.

  1. Click “Delete Class”.

  1. A pop-up message with appear stating “You have selected to delete a class. All class information will be deleted. Do you want to proceed?” and you click “OK”.

  1. The class will be deleted and will no longer appear in the teacher’s class list.
If there ARE grades in the grade book, administrators and teachers can follow these instructions to delete classes:
  1. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above. If you follow Step 3, you will get the message below: “This class cannot be deleted because student grades have been entered”.  Then click ‘OK”, to remove the message.

2. Go back on the class details page, click the “gradebook” option to open the gradebook.

3. Click on each of the grading periods to see if there are grades entered. Go to each grade entered and click.  Then delete the grade and do the same for all   grades in the assignment column and click “Save”.

The assignment doesn’t need to be deleted to delete the class. Then follow Step 3, and once all grades from all the grading periods are deleted, the class can now be deleted.

Please call TLE Implementation Specialist if you still need assistance with this process: 727-300-0359.