Reflecting on & Learning from a Chaotic School Year

Step Up For Students Teacher Resources for Success

This year more than ever it is important for teachers to reflect on the year, celebrate their efforts, and let go of a very turbulent year. We’ve created a document to help you process the past school year and look ahead to a new and fresh start in 2020-21.
  • Download “The Year in Review” to walk through the ups and downs of your 2019-20 school year and shift your focus to a fresh start in 2020-21. Reflection helps, we promise!
  • Collaborate with other teachers by sharing a success you had during the “remote learning” this year. Share as much or as little as you like. Click here to share your thoughts!
Resources for Thinking Ahead!

Trauma-Informed Instruction: Many of our students will come back to us next year after having experienced rough situations at home. Check out the Trauma-Informed Instruction resources below to see how you can plan for students’ needs next year.

Additional Professional Learning

  • If you are interested in professional development through the North East Florida Educational Consortium and you are a non-profit school registered through the School Choice Office click here.

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