Free Printable March Madness Reading Challenge

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In honor of Read Across America Day, this month we’re featuring a March Madness Reading Challenge! And, because every month should include stories of diverse American heroes, the theme of the reading challenge is: Unsung Heroes of Black History. Challenge your students to get to know these 16 influential little-known heroes. Which inspiring story will become your favorite unsung hero?

Looking to inspire your middle and high school students?

Sometimes middle school or high school students struggle to connect authentically with history lessons. One way to inspire them to pick up a biography about a historical figure is to show a documentary tied to that figure’s life and structure class discussion around the documentary. Consider viewing Mighty Times: The Children’s March, a 2004 American short documentary film about the Birmingham, Alabama civil rights marches in the 1960s, highlighting the bravery of young activists involved in the Children’s Crusade and using discussion questions provided by Learning For Justice. You just might inspire your students to pick up a book about movement leaders Rev. Andrew Young and Rev. James Bevel, or Carolyn McKinstry, one of the marchers profiled in the documentary.

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