Financial Literacy Resources For Teachers

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April is National Financial Literacy Month! Helping students to learn how to manage their finances sets them up for greater success and economic stability as adults. We are excited to share some excellent interactive digital and printable resources that you can use in your classrooms this month!

Awesome Resources from Florida:

Online Interactive Financial Literacy Program:

Other Free K-12 Financial Literacy Supplemental Lessons and Activities: 

  • The Council for Economic Education’s FREE Financial Fitness for Life program helps K-12 students gain a better understanding of economic concepts. The entire booklet can be downloaded by grade level and there is even a parent guide!
  • The U.S. Mint website offers lots of fun, engaging activities for grades K-6, including games!
  • The U.S. Treasury has a FREE dynamic four-lesson downloadable curriculum supplement for middle school students called “Money Math: Lessons for Life.”
  • Junior Achievement’s JA Personal Finance curriculum for high school students focuses on spending money wisely through budgeting, saving and investing, using credit cautiously, and protecting personal finances. Many of their courses are available virtually!
  • The PBS lesson Needs Vs. Wants asks students in grades 1-2 to consider the relationship between consumer goods and happiness.

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