Easy STEM Activities at Home or in the Classroom

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This month’s post is all about finding easy ways to encourage STEM exploration at home! We have included easy STEM-related activities that you can share with families, or use in your classroom. These activities require very little prep and are a great way to encourage parents to get involved with their student’s learning at home!

Check out this list of quick and easy STEM activities categorized by age:

Stem Activity Category Age
Post-It Number Match Math Activity Math Toddler
Counting beads on pipe cleaners Math Toddler
Marshmallow Snowflakes Engineering 5-12
Build a Marble Run with Straws Science 5-7
Build A Hand Crank Winch – Little Bins for Little Hands Engineering 8+
Make a Cloud in a Jar – Science experiment Science 8-10
Laser Puzzle Boxes Technology 8-10
Crushing Cans Science Experiment Science 11+
Make an Alka – Seltzer Powered Lava Lamp Science High School
Hydroponics Made Easy Science High School

Looking for more ways to use STEM to connect with families?

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