What does your online presence say about your school?

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5 Questions You Should Consider When Reviewing Your School’s Online Presence

With COVID-19 temporarily moving much of our lives online, now is the perfect time to review your school’s online presence. For many families, the first impression of your school is just a click away. It’s not enough to simply list your school’s mission, vision, and values anymore. Instead, a good online presence will demonstrate the overall philosophy and culture of your school. What does one click reveal about your school?

  1. What is the purpose of your site? Is it a learning hub or hub of school information?
    • A hub of information- make sure to include easy to update calendars and important dates, downloadable newsletters, photos of activities and celebrations, and links to community resources for parents and families
    • Learning hub for students- provide password protected links to the school’s e-learning platform as well as links to other resources for students and families to access at home. Find a list of resources here!
  2. Does your website reflect and respect the diversity at your school?
    • Check out these articles from the Center for the Advancement of Christian Education on Diversity in Christian Schools; specifically discussing diversity in handbooks and retention and the environment you create.
    • Ask your families how they feel your school is bridging racial, class, and cultural differences. Consider the survey on page 12 of this document from the Nebraska Department of Education.
  3. How well does your website foster two-way communication with parents & families?
    • Make the link to communicate easy to find on your website.
    • Link your social media pages so that families can follow along with school events and interact in a way that is easy for them.
    • Ask your parents and families how they feel about your school!
      • Click here to find surveys for parents & families, checklists, needs assessments for new families, and more.
  4. Are you staying current with the times?
    • Given our current national situation, consider how out of touch it might seem to have no mention of virtual learning plans, technology, contingency plans, or virtual communication on your school’s website.
    • For ideas on what to include in your learning plan click here!
  5. What does your school’s social media say about your culture and philosophy?
    • Remember to demonstrate your mission, vision, and values. If collaborative learning is important to your mission, reflect this by sharing photos of group science experiments, posting videos from daily classes, or tweeting about the activities of your debate team.
    • Be sure your images and videos are current and show off what makes your school unique. Stock images and photos from other websites do not have the same effect as snapshots from a day in the life of your students.
    • Maintain consistent branding between your website and social media sites. Parents looking to learn more about your school should be able to easily identify your school from the matching branding.
    • For tips on how other administrators are using social media at their schools click here!


Frameworks of Tampa Bay is a nonprofit organization that empowers educators, youth services professionals, and parents and guardians with training, coaching, and research-based resources to equip students with social and emotional skills. Read more about the courses they offer here. For more information please contact:

Saima Qadree- Program Development Officer
813-924-7563 (Cell)

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4 Live Virtual Field Trip Options You Don’t Want to Miss!

Step Up For Students Teacher Resources for Success

We know that with all the adaptations teachers are making this year, there is not much time to search for interesting activities or engaging field trips. For many teachers, in-person field trips are not even an option right now. That is why this month’s resources are designed to provide you with easy to access, free, exciting, live field trips and virtual tours that you can experience with your students. We hope these resources can help engage both the in-person and remote learners in your classroom!

  1. Skype in the Classroom
    • By far the best option for virtual field trips, guest speakers, tours, and virtual connections. This completely free resource offers personal tours and conversations with experts in any field! Check out their library of virtual field trips, join a special live event, or schedule a scientist or a best-selling author to be your next guest speaker.
  2. Live Distance Learning from the National Parks
    • The National Parks have gone virtual! Chat with a Ranger or join one of their many educational live events. Two parks with excellent live distance learning options are Zion National Park and Grand Canyon National Park.
  3. National Pro-Football Hall of Fame’s Free Youth & Education Video Conferencing Programs
    • The NFL Pro-football Hall of Fame’s Youth & Education Center offers free video conferencing programs on a whole host of topics.
  4. Free Virtual Tours & Live Programs from the Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration
    • Tours and programs cover topics such as Art, Nature, History, STEM, and so much more!
Don’t have time to schedule a live session? Try a Virtual Tour!

Let Educate help provide your faculty with personalized pathways of support. There is more to Educate than technology. To view support pathway options, click here.

Hispanic Heritage Month       
  • The deadline for the 2020 Hispanic Heritage Month art and essay contests with the theme of “Celebrating Untold Stories and Contributions of Hispanic Americans in Florida” has been extended to 5:00 pm Eastern Time on Thursday, October 15, 2020. In addition, students, parents, teachers, and principals are invited to nominate full-time educators in elementary, middle and high schools for the Hispanic Heritage Month Excellence in Education Award. Click here for more information!

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