Let’s Focus on Literacy!

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This month’s post is all about literacy! Check out the amazing articles and resources below and take a moment to reflect on these questions:

  • Do you have students who are struggling readers?
  • Does your student achievement data support the ELA Curriculum that your teachers use today?
  • Research shows that many teachers rely on Teachers Pay Teachers and Google for lesson planning. Would you like to provide your teachers with a research-based, fully lesson planned reading curriculum?

Resources to Inspire New Reading Goals:


  • EVENT POSTPONED! Come hear Natalie Wexler share her expertise on a knowledge-rich curriculum LIVE at the Great Minds Knowledge Summit! This event has been postponed. Stay tuned to learn more about Great Minds and Wilson Language. Register NOW for the Great Minds Knowledge Summit– For more information on the Summit and pricing, click here.

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Wrapping Up 2021 and Planning For 2022

Step Up For Students School Leadership Resources

We know many educators are counting down the days until winter break begins. This year has been a challenging one, so before the break begins, consider giving your teachers a little shout out to let them know their efforts are appreciated! We hope you and your staff will take some time over the break to reflect and recharge. This month’s resources are designed to help you do just that!

Join us at the Step Up For Students and Great Minds Knowledge Summit!

  • Join us to discover the importance of using a knowledge-building curriculum at this summit hosted by industry leading researchers and subject matter experts. You’ll hear from keynote speaker Natalie Wexler, choose from over 15 different 60-minute sessions, network with educators from other schools in your area, and have a chance to win some exciting prizes!

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Resources to Help You Reflect on a Challenging Year

Step Up For Students School Leadership Resources

We know many of you rose to the challenge this year and overcame great odds to provide your students with the support they needed to learn and thrive. Now that the school year is coming to a close, it’s time for you to take a quiet moment to yourself to reflect on an unprecedented year. We hope the resources below can help you not only wrap up the year, but also reflect on your successes and your opportunities for growth. Congratulations, you made it!
    • The Year in Review: Grab some coffee and your favorite pen. Print this document and take some time to process this year and plan for next year!
    • End of Year Checklist: Download and edit this document to provide to teachers as they close out the year.
    • Classroom Inventory : Allow teachers to use this document to ensure the inventory in each classroom is accounted for.
    • Summer Admin Checklist by Month: Use this general checklist to help you stay on track this summer!

Curriculum Matters!

Still Looking for a Summer Learning Program?

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Curriculum & Culture: What matters most for the long-term success of your students?

Step Up For Students School Leadership Resources

We know right now administrators are hard at work making the big decisions about next year’s curriculum and resources. Recent research suggests that there is a significantly positive correlation between a knowledge-rich curriculum, effective instructional support in delivering it, and a robust school culture. The Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy has designed numerous resources (and undertaken associated research evaluations) to support a much-needed shift towards this powerfully integrated approach to education. This month, we’d like to share this research and these resources with you as you make the big decisions regarding curriculum and change at your school.

How strong is your school culture?

School culture serves as the foundation for several important domains of school performance. A strong, coherent school culture is linked to…

  • Favorable civic outcomes such as increased political engagement and higher levels of tolerance.
  • Favorable academic outcomes such as college enrollment or workforce participation.
  • The successful implementation of school improvement

Johns Hopkins Institute for Education Policy has designed a set of tools that address these critical issues from different angles, providing both an evaluation of where schools currently are and a baseline against which to measure continuous improvement.

  • School Culture 360™ – a school survey instrument that produces an “under the hood” analysis of behaviors and beliefs that influence student success. Cost for schools: $675.
  • Teacher Surveys on Curriculum Use – survey that creates a full picture of teachers’ use of curriculum materials and their satisfaction level with those materials. Cost for schools: $700.
  • For information about either of these surveys contact Dr. Carol Macedonia cmacedo3@jhu.edu.

Looking for rigorous and knowledge-rich curriculum?

The implementation of a knowledge-rich curriculum in grades K-12 is critical to positive academic achievement. Here are a few high quality curriculum programs for your consideration.

  • Wilson FUNdations: From Wilson Language Training, this foundational and early reading intervention curriculum is designed for students in K-3 grade.
  • Great Minds
    • Wit & Wisdom: K-12 ELA Curriculum focused on building knowledge of the world and important topics. Click here to learn more!
    • Eureka Math: K-12 Math Curriculum helping students gain a deeper understanding of the why behind the numbers, while making math more enjoyable to learn!

Why does knowledge rich curriculum and strong school culture matter?

We will be discussing the School Culture 360™ and Curriculum options in more detail at our Statewide School Leadership webinar on February 23rd. Click here to register!


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