Spring Testing Resources

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Spring testing season is upon us! We know you are gearing up for your end of year assessments this month. We hope the resources below will make your preparations easier and inspire you to try something new.

Get Teachers and Students Ready

Positive Test Prep Activity for Parents

Two weeks before testing, ask parents to send a note encouraging their child to do their best on the end of the year assessment.  Provide parents and/or family members with the materials to write the letters. Think about sending home fancy paper, envelopes, and make some suggestions of things to say. Give the parents the option to text or record their message, create posters, email their messages or mail in their letters to allow flexibility and creativity. Before you administer the test, give students the message to read or view before they begin.

Advice for Remote Testing

Nervous about testing students remotely this year? Don’t worry, with proper preparation and guidance, remote testing can go as smoothly as an in-person testing session.

Looking for Social Emotional Learning Curriculum?

Attitude is Altitude is a CASEL-aligned social emotional learning curriculum designed for grades K-12. Nick Vujicic, a world-renowned motivational speaker, launched the initiative to help guide and inspire students with Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) after experiencing a childhood of hardship due to bullying.

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