End of the Year Resources

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We know that May is a busy month for administrators. This month’s post aims to provide resources for your end of the year responsibilities!

Spring Assessment:

Use Spring assessment data to plan for new school year. Remember it is important to share the Spring assessment results with students to increase motivation and student accountability!

  • Check out this article from NWEA on how to use your Spring assessment data to reflect and do some end of the year planning.
Planning for the Future:

Connect to organizations that benefit private schools & explore resources on accreditation.

  • Why should I care about accreditation? School accreditation is often considered the cornerstone of the educational quality control process. It provides documentation that your school has met the standards of quality established as best practice within the private school community and allows your school to stay independent while also acknowledging that you are open to a higher level of accountability. While accreditation is voluntary, it does show a greater degree of transparency to all stakeholders and everyone who has an interest in the school in any capacity.
Management of Facilities:

Get a jump on building maintenance, inventory, and safety.