Be Visible: 3 Tips to Implement Effective Walkthroughs at Your School

Classroom observations often have a negative connotation as teachers dread the designated day when the principal comes in to evaluate their effectiveness. The students are often nervous and rigid, the teacher is wearing his or her best outfit and has planned an extra special lesson. The atmosphere in the classroom is somewhat tense and is usually far from a normal day. So how can an administrator get a better idea of what’s going on in the classroom? The answer: Be visible!

This month’s resources are designed to help administrators transition from only utilizing formal yearly evaluations, to implementing weekly or monthly mini-walkthroughs and check-ins. Explore the 3 tips below to implement effective walkthroughs at your school!

  1. Convey the right message
  1. Set a school-wide goal or focus for the year & keep the visit simple
    • Try a Three Minute Debrief:
      • One positive comment
      • One prompt, suggestion, or question
      • One follow-up piece
    • Communicate your debrief face to face, in a handwritten note, or via email. If you leave a note or an email, be sure to follow-up face to face.
    • Plan a formal sit down with the teacher after 10-12 sessions. Watch how one administrator handled their formal discussion here.


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